10 Engagement and Pre-wedding Photography Ideas

Those who are in search of pre-wedding photography ideas in Singapore often find themselves wondering about the best ideas for their pre wedding and engagement photography have come to the right place. With the following ten engagement and pre-wedding photography ideas, you will have no shortage of plans to choose from.

No matter what your interests or hobbies are as a couple, there is an idea out there for you. Read on to learn more about the myriad of plans that you have to select from.

1. Romantic Movie Theme

Do you and your spouse to be have a favorite romantic movie that you watch over and over again? If so, a romantic movie theme might just be the best motif for your engagement and pre wedding photos. Whether it’s a modern romantic movie that you'd like to re-enact a few scenes from or a classic older film that allows you to dress up in the clothing from that time period, there are several movies that can be used as the jumping off point for your photography brainstorming session.

2. Showcasing Your Sports Fandom

The couple that watches the game together stays together. Maybe you are both fans of the same team or perhaps you are backing rival squads. Regardless of what teams you're rooting for, you can incorporate your sports fandom in any number of different ways. Best of all, you can both use the opportunity to strut your respective stuff while wearing your favorite jerseys. Workout mavens can also go with a fitness theme if it makes them more comfortable.

3. Rainy Day/Sunny Day

Outdoor photo shoots give couples a chance to let their creative juices flow and when it comes to engagement and pre-wedding ideas, the rainy day or sunny day photo is always a timeless classic. You can decide to wear your summer clothes or you can opt for the rainy day theme, which gives you plenty of chance to use an umbrella as a prop. Or you can even decide to merge the two themes, to provide an interesting juxtaposition for the viewer.

Pre-wedding photoshoot in raining night at Gardens By The Bay

Pre-wedding photoshoot in raining night at Gardens By The Bay

4. Superheroes

What man doesn't like to think of himself as an all-powerful superhero? By using this idea for your engagement or pre wedding shoot, you can give him a chance to live out his fantasies. We'd all like to be superheroes, if only for the briefest moment. Women who wish to be a super-heroine can also use their photo shoot as a chance to step into a cape and tights if they so choose.

5. Water Related Themes

There is just something about a photo that has been taken in front of a body of water that provides a loving, calm, peaceful feeling and many couples will opt to have their picture taken in aquatic settings as a result. Some couples may choose to stage a photo shoot at their own swimming pool, others may decide to select a different location. The truly adventurous couples can even attempt an underwater shoot if their hearts desire.

6. Cooking Together

It's no secret that married couples spend a great deal of time in the kitchen and the kitchen is also considered to be the most important room in the house. So why not show off your love and commitment to one another by cooking a meal together and showing off your kitchen chemistry for the camera? Plus, it is a great excuse to make a mess and maybe even have a food fight or two.

7. Painting

This is a great idea for the more creative types out there who want to showcase their artistic ability to their friends and family members. If you're the type that would rather have themselves a paint fight than a food fight, this just may be the idea for you. Couples that are more playful and fun loving tend to enjoy tossing multiple colors around an all-white canvas and creating a beautiful mess, while making a spectacle of themselves for everyone's amusement.

8. Academia

If you're a couple that met and fell in love while attending high school or university together, the academia them gives you the chance to step back into the world where you first made each other's acquaintances and great memories tend to make for great photographs. Couples who have the ability to go back to the place where they first met and have their photo shoot are able to provide their engagement and pre wedding photos with an added touch of sentiment.

9. Cultural Pride

While some couples happen to hail from the same country and share a similar cultural background, there are other couples who come from disparate backgrounds. Why not use your engagement and pre wedding photo shoot to put your cultural pride on full display? Couples that share a similar culture can use props to tout their national pride and couples that come from different backgrounds can use their photo shoot to stage a mock rivalry or a compare and contrast between the two.

10. Fairy Tale

A happy marriage represents the ultimate fairy tale ending and couples who wish to show off their happiness can select from any number of different fairy tale themes for their engagement and pre wedding photos. With a wide assortment of classic fairy tales to choose from, the possibilities are essentially endless. You can dress up as Cinderella and Prince Charming or even choose a theme centered around Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf.