The Best Props for Pre-wedding Photography Singapore

When it comes to pre-wedding photography Singapore, making use of props is one of the many ways to give the photos a unique touch. This is not only going to make the shoot a lot more fun but will surely make them more unique. Before any shoot, it is important to have the props ready based on the style or theme that is desired. In this case, keep on reading and we will provide you with some tips on the props that you should bring to achieve the best pre-wedding photos.


One of the good things about using chalkboard in your pre-wedding photography Singapore is that it is versatile. Bring a black board and colored chalks during the shoot. Initials of your names, or an appropriate quote, among others, can be written all over the board. Artistic drawings can also be considered. Make sure to have someone with talent in calligraphy or design so that the board will look good in photos.


With balloons, you can add a lot of colour and life in your wedding photoshoot session. If the theme of the shoot is formal, opt for black and white balloons. On the other hand, if it is funky, colourful balloons will make an excellent choice. Couples can hold the strings on their hand, or they can be hung on the ceiling. Balloons with initials of the couple can also be a great idea.

Colour Bombs

Without a doubt, colour will make your pre-wedding photos look more beautiful. With this, you should consider the use of colour bombs. However, one of the most important is to learn manoeuvring skills and how they can be used. The photographer should also be quick to make sure that the photos will be captured at the right time.


When you talk about the props that can be used in pre-wedding photoshoots, flowers are also ever-present. They are colourful, fresh, and romantic. They are also versatile. They can be used as flower crowns or bouquets.


This is going to be an excellent idea for pet-lovers. To make it even more personal, do not just use any pet. Couples can use their own pets as part of the photo shoot. This is going to make the photos more meaningful.


Scrabble Letters

This is another option if you are looking for versatile props that can be used for your pre-wedding photoshoot. You can consider using tiles that are colourful, which will effectively add life to the photos. The tiles can be used to spell your name, the date of the wedding, or a short quote. For sure, the tiles will be able to speak volumes.