Chai Lin & Jian Xiao

We happened to chance upon BV Wedding through a Google search on wedding photographs. We were immediately captivated by the stunning photographs, particularly the one which showcased the couple in the rain. On our first meeting with Jett and his team, we were greeted with warmth and sincerity. Jett also offered lots of advice and shared experiences for our consideration for the locations of the pre-wedding shoot and the proceedings on the actual day. We were very much assured and took up both the packages for pre-wedding and actual wedding shoot at that very appointment.

Indeed, his team of full-time photographers and make up artistes were very professional. Not only were they patient throughout the entire day, they went the extra mile to help us cope with our suits and dresses and make us feel comfortable, despite themselves being under the hot weather with us for all our 5 outdoor locations. What was memorable was how our photographer, Kenny, turned what looked like gloomy skies and rainy day at the Botanic Gardens into beautiful moments, many of which were actually our favourite photos! Our make-up artist is both experienced and skilled. In various ways, they were both accommodating and delightful to partner with, that we requested for both duo to be with us on our actual wedding day! We remembered that once our shipment for our photo canvas was late, and Jett specially arranged for it to be sent to our place at the earliest time he could past midnight, knowing that we would need it immediately the day after.

Our overall experience with BV Wedding has been full of joy and happiness, much thanks for Jett for his customer-centric attitude and services, his wide range of wedding dresses that are kept up-to-date, as well as his suite of team of photographers and make-up artists. A big THANK YOU :) for making this journey filled with fun and laughter!!

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I stumbled upon BV Wedding website while looking for bridal house to do my pre wedding shoot. I was immediately captivated by the beautiful photos of various outdoor shoot locations posted online. I have already decided that I only want to do outdoor shoot so I decided to contact BV Wedding for enquiry. The only sceptical part is that there isn’t much review online so I am quite concern if the service will be good and will the gowns be pretty.

Anyway, fast forward, Jett seems like a nice and sincere guy, non-pushy. I like the gowns that I have chosen for the photoshoot, especially the premium gown which he allow me to wear for outdoor shoot too. Happy! The makeup artist also followed me around and help me change into my gowns as well as change my hair and makeup look. I really feel like a princess that day!

The after sales service is also good, Jett will edit the photos till I am 100% satisfied. I can even choose how the clouds should look like in the photos. Impressed! In addition, I requested Jett to help me do collage for my wall portrait and he agreed. Happy! I selected the photos I want and he help me to rearrange so that it looks good in printing. I guess it is more work for him compared to selecting one photo and print. Haha! I also requested to change the 36 inch frame to a 24 inch one and Jett is willing to accommodate my request. Thanks Jett, really appreciate it!

Plus, the price is reasonable too so I would say the overall experience of my pre wedding shoot is memorable and great as Jett is flexible to accommodate all my requests as well as being very responsive throughout the whole process.

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Sonia & Philip 

Really one of the best experiences we have had in our journey to get married, right from the start, Jett and his team was accommodating on an extremely short notice. And beyond that the assistance on the photoshoot and also with the photos and our schedules, really incredible! Jett and his team were warm, helpful and always caring for our needs as a couple who had a tight schedule of marriage plans.

BV also keeps an extensive and constantly updated set of gowns and suits that was very helpful to us on top of having a personal make up artist on our photoshoot day. The photographer was also very professional and was able to advise and guide us along the whole day.
The after service as well was of such a high standard. Jett was very patient with our demands all the way and advised us with a lot of care on getting the best for us more than for them. All in all definitely one of the best wedding based services I have experienced in Singapore!

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We got BV Wedding Photography for our Pre-Wedding Photoshoot and that was the best decision made. We had a great experience with Jett and his team.

Jett was very accommodative and professional to us since Day 1. He clearly explains the charges and procedures during our meet up and answers all our queries. He was always prompt in getting back to us hence it was easy liaising with him. His suggestions helped us a lot throughout the entire process, eg. deciding on places, selection of photos and etc.

On the actual day of photoshoot, we had a great experience with the photographer and make up artist. They were equally accommodative and friendly. It was fun being with them and we were at our best throughout the day with their help. 
Frankly, the prices that BV Wedding offers is reasonable and worthy. As for the photos, they turned out beyond our expectations and the editing was excellent.

Finally, I would like to thank BV Wedding Photography for creating beautiful memories and providing us with awesome services. 
I would definitely recommend them to everyone.

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Eugene & Christie

"We engaged BV Studio for our prewedding and actual photography. It's really pleasant experience. Jett was very responsive and as the boss, he would give the best offer he could. The pictures came out to our satisfaction and I would definitely recommend BV for their prompt service and reasonable price. No hidden cost and very professional."

"I'm not the easiest guy to be impressed. But I gotta say I'm utterly blown away by Jett's salesmenship and the professional yet friendly services by their staff and photographers. Even after we've fully paid for their services, their attention to details and standards never dwindle. Photography artworks are subjected to personal taste and obviously I only engaged them, hence I'm not gonna comment because there isn't other party to compare with. But if you're looking for top-notch services which are reasonably priced, look no further."

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The staff at BV are friendly and experienced. Jett is very responsive and did his best to accommodate to our requests. The photographers were very patient, gave very good suggestions on how to pose, and also cater to our requests. The videographer was also very patient and did an excellent job in capturing the morning highlights (especially since we didn't do the gate crash); we really loved it. Our makeup artists, Emily & Candice, did a fantastic job for both of us - they were friendly and helped us a lot throughout the pre-wedding and actual day.

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Damien Young & Sijia

"We got Jett and his team to do our pre-wedding photos. I'm impressed by their customer service and professionalism. Even after we paid and got our edited photos, we asked for extra editing which they did without any complaints and promptly. Would highly recommend them."


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Nicole & Chonghui

"A very big thanks to you guys! Today's shooting was fantastic! We both really enjoyed the shooting with BV WEDDING. Appreciated and thank you once again for the effort and planning."

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Aska Kozu

"Thank you for your kindness the other day. We are impressed by your staff's professional work!! We are really looking forward to receiving the photographs."

"More than 200 photos taken by your professional photographer were beautiful and it was difficult to select. "