10 Tips to find your best pre-wedding and wedding photography service in Singapore

Your engagement and wedding days are some of the most remarkable days of your life and therefore, it is natural to go out of your way and make them look as precious as you can. Years from now, the pictures you take on your engagement and wedding will bring a smile to your face and so you should make sure that you hire services that understand how much your pre-wedding photographs mean to you. There are many wedding photography services available and it might get a little difficult to narrow down to one. Here are ten tips that you can use in order to pick out the best wedding photography:

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1. Understanding Photographers:

When you are looking to hire your pre-wedding photography service, make sure that you personally give them a visit and talk about the kind of wedding shoot you are looking for. It is important that the photographers understand the essence you are trying to deliver through your photos. You will be more satisfied with the results if you and the photographer are on the same page. Instead of asking them what you are looking for, look at their work first and see if that is the frame you are trying to match or not. Photography, like art cannot be completely imitated and every photographer has his own style, therefore don’t expect them to match another’s.

2. Be Informed:

When you are hiring your pre-wedding photographer, you don’t want them to come up with something else at the last moment. You will need to check in with the photography services beforehand so they make time for your event. Let them know the date and other details and if they will be available or willing to work for you. Ask them how much they charge for your first visit so you don’t have to keep coming back. Deliver and ask as much information necessary to make your appointment.

3. Props:

When you are hiring a service, ask them if they offer props as well, which have become a trendy way to enhance your engagement and wedding pictures. You can take a look at what tools they are offering, beforehand so you are not disappointed at the last moment. There are many pre-engagement props like banners that say “wife-to-be” etc. Which will add fun effects to your pictures and it is essential to opt for suitable ones that also match your theme.

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4. Extra Effects:

Many services offer to take black & white pictures to add extra effect to your pictures. When you look back at your wedding pictures, you will smile if they look like they are from the older times such as 70’s. You can take a look at the photography done by services and see all the effects that are offered by them.

5. Packages:

Some wedding photography services also offer packages for different budgets and you should ask what kind of packages they offer. You can ask them if there are any which will allow you get your pre-wedding and wedding photography done in the same package as it will be more convenient for you as well to hire one service and let them work for you so all your pictures match.

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6. Specific Shoots:

If you have a specific idea in your head, ask them beforehand. You can either show them photos of what you are looking for or discuss the ideas with them. Ask the services to let you talk to the person who will be taking photographs in order to discuss your idea in more depth. It is best that the photographer knows what you are looking for personally and both of you will feel easier that way.

7. Equipment:

Don’t forget that the quality of their photographs depends on what kind of equipment they use. Ask them about their camera, lens etc. And pay attention to their recent photographs. You can ask them to show you pictures they have taken at a recent event to see if you are satisfied with the results.

Professional Photography Equipments

Professional Photography Equipments


8. Brief Look:

It is really necessary that you pay attention to the kind of work they have done before. Don’t rush through pictures they show you, instead take your time and look closely to see if that is how you want your pictures to turn out. It will really help you decide if you want to go with a specific service or not. Go through their pre-wedding and wedding albums and look through whole photo shoots to see what kind of work they have done before. It will really help you in deciding if you want to work with them or not.

9. Post-Photography Details:

Ask them when will you get the pictures from your photoshoot. It is also good to do some background search about the services and go through customer reviews to see if you really want to settle down on one wedding photography services or another. You don’t want to wait for forever to get your photos.

10. Budget:

When you are on the search to find the perfect pre-wedding photography services, it is necessary to keep in mind your own budget and the fact that one service might offer you the same thing for a cheaper price that others might ask for more. You can compare and contrast services which will help you narrow down your decision and pick one.

 Your pre-wedding photographs should be nothing less than your wedding photographs. You will find many wedding photography services in Singapore offer you the best services for your special day. All services vary from one another and it becomes important that you make sure you have complete information about the ones that you are considering. Just work a little harder to find out what are you looking for.